MBBS In Italy For Indian Students

If you are looking to study MBBS in Italy, it’s time to start browsing through your options. While other European countries are witnessing an increase in the cost of medical education, medical students can still find affordable MBBS courses in Italy. Students tend to gravitate towards other countries like Germany and The Netherlands as it's believed that studying MBBS in Italy is expensive. The medical universities also offer you the chance of interning as well as working right after college, as soon as you receive your work permit. Private medical universities may be slightly on the expensive end but the quality of education makes it worth the cost. Courses part of MBBS in Italy, follow the international study pattern and curriculum to maintain consistency and quality all over the world. Italy is a country that provides excellent medical education. More than 1/3 of the graduates from Italian medical universities chose to continue their MBBS studies abroad. Medical education in Italy is widely recognized for its high standards and its advanced teaching methods and sophisticated scientific approaches. Italy has one of the best medical universities recognized by the world’s major professional organizations which include WHO, NMC & UNESCO. It ranks 6th in Europe and 24th in the world (WHO).

MBBS benefits in Italy

High-Quality Education

One of the rare nations that offers MBBS programmes without charging a contribution fee is Italy. Italian medical universities are renowned for their top-notch instruction, making the country the ideal location for pursuing a medical degree. Most medical schools in Italy adhere to all guidelines established by the Medical Council of India for the purpose of educating MBBS graduates outside of India and preparing them for registration in India. Italian medical universities are more well-known than ever and offer benefits. The fact that the programmes are taught in English is the cause. For both men and women who are more focused on their studies and do not feel like studying the Italian language, this is a fantastic option. The potential for lifetime work is the greatest benefit of studying medicine in Italy. If you earn your degree from one of the renowned colleges with reputable boards, you can find everlasting employment in the public health sector through the nation's excellent social health care programme. In Italy, the MBBS programme is well-known and has the necessary accreditation from organisations like the WHO and NMC.

Required Documents

  • A request form (Coordinate your respective counsellor for the same)
  • Birth Registration
  • 10th Grade Report
  • 12th Grade Report
  • 5 most recent passport-size photos
  • Passport (Original & Scan Copy) (Original & Scan Copy)
  • Account Statement
  • Send your application and all required documents to your coordinative counselor. In case of any questions regarding the admission procedures, please contact us : 8601616555.

Italian Medical Universities Are Recognised

  • The Foundation for the Advancement of Global Medical Research and Education (FAIMER)
  • Global medical education federation (WFME)
  • Educational Commission for Graduates in Foreign Medicine (ECFMG)
  • Worldwide Organization for Health (WHO)
  • Italy's Ministry of Education
  • Indian National Medical Council (NMC)

Why Study Medicine In Italy?

There is an adage that goes like this: “When opportunity knocks, open the door and invite her in” — paraphrasing Shakespeare. If you are looking for new horizons in your medical career, then Italy will not let you down! Italy, from ancient times, has always been famous as a land of art and culture; but it is lesser known for its top-notch medical education institutions that attract thousands of students across the globe. In Italy, one can get an MBBS course without paying any donation fees and the cost of living is lower than in most other destinations. You are also offered a wide range of scholarships as well as clinical exposure through multiple hospitals. That’s not all; many cultural and social aspects make it an ideal destination for international students. Several medical organizations like WHO and NMC approve medical courses in Italy which shows that their teaching standards are excellent. There is a wide range of opportunities and clinical exposure is provided in multi-specialty hospitals. This leads to a deeper understanding of the subject and increases your focus on medical study. Italy has highly ranked medical schools and they are recognized worldwide. Study medicine in Italy, get an opportunity to work in renowned hospitals and clinics, live a dream with an affordable fee structure, and carry home the special experiences you will cherish forever!


The current population of Italy is estimated at 60,461,826 people with a growth rate of 0.78% since the last census. ​


The cost of MBBS in Italy is around INR 5 to 10 lakhs per annum. Indian students in Italy should expect to pay between 300 and 700 EUR per month for living expenses, which include things like housing, meals, transport, and/or entertainment.


The majority of Italy experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and chilly, rainy winters. However, Italy, which is approximately 1,200 kilometres (736 miles) long from north to south, also contains a range of sub- and microclimates where seasonal weather can vary significantly from the average for the country. While it is hot in the spring and autumn, it may rain in the winter.

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